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About Us

Based in Dorset on the South Coast of England, the team has had a long fascination with the paranormal, and the situations in that paranormal claims are often reported. We are all working professionals with backgrounds in writing, publishing, broadcasting, and the heritage sector. 

Today in 2023 we are still actively engaged in field research of our own and collaborating with others as well as heritage management and advisory work with local organisations, an area that we are very passionate about. But where did it all begin?

Since 2005, we have discreetly visited countless locations to try and understand the human experience of why we feel that something is potentially paranormal.

Why are these accounts buried in the folklore of our national heritage?  

Are these experiences real? or just a trick of our imagination?

Why do we appear to encounter what we culturally term as "Ghosts"?

We are continually intrigued by the psychology and mechanics of such experiences and the environments in which they appear to happen.

When visiting a location to conduct a field investigation, our outcome is not necessarily to prove that ghosts exist but to assess what might be unique about the experiences that we have been called to look into.

What is the makeup of the accounts put before us?

Although the reality is that we often find quite logical explanations when delving deeper into these accounts, our years of research have also presented some fascinating and honest testimonies from credible sources, which are unquestionably worthy of further exploration.

Whilst strange experiences continue to be reported, we will always feel compelled to try and understand them further from a logical, rational, and balanced point of view. 

We are often asked whether we believe in ghosts. We believe in people's experiences but remain skeptical about whether this is evidence of an afterlife.   

Feel free to contact us and we will assist with your enquiry at your earliest convenience.

Kind Regards,

The Dorset Paranormal Research Team.    

Anyone seeking to conduct research in the paranormal field should first make themselves aware of the practices and procedures of The Society for Psychical Research which can be read here.

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