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Peter Underwood (1923 - 2014)

On the 26th of November 2014, broadcaster, writer, and paranormal researcher, Peter Underwood passed away.

Peter was president of the Ghost Club from 1962 to 1993 as well as an honorary member and patron of many other organizations including the Society for Psychical Research. He was also a leading authority on the famous Borley Rectory case and author of countless publications about ghosts and paranormal research.

Author and friend, Paul Adams talks about the life of Peter Underwood in this interview here.

In the wake of Peter's death, there have been many tributes and obituaries in the National and Local press, including this one published here in the Telegraph and here in the Guardian.

Peter is featured here in this archive footage from the 1975 BBC documentary, The Ghost Hunters. 

The family of Peter Underwood is keeping his memory alive at peterunderwood.org here and on Twitter here

The work of Peter Underwood has a special place in our library of research and reference books.

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