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Historical Documentation and Archiving

As a team we all presently work, or have worked in the history sector so naturally have a love and passion for Dorset and its rich heritage. In our paranormal work we find that getting to know a location is a crucial part of understanding its story.

Our time at a location is not always about investigating paranormal claims, but may just be for archiving and documenting the past. 

We hold and preserve information as well as a photographic archive relating to historic locations in Dorset that are not part of our general enquiries, but simply just to have a file of events. In some cases we have documented locations where alterations, refurbishments and even major historical change has taken place to make a record of such information that can be preserved for all time.

We also have a sound archive of recordings with custodians of these places.      

Some documentation may be at historic locations with a paranormal heritage, which is how we may find ourselves involved or required to fulfil this branch of our work. Some are just to record a period in time for future generations to enquire about and to also make any future research possible.

Recently added to the archive:

  • Athelhampton House | A photographic and video archive has been made following the change of occupation in 2019.   
  • Dorset County Museum | A photographic and video archive has been made following the demolition of exiting areas prior to the 2018 – 2020 refurbishments.  
  • Portland ROTR Bunker | A photographic and video archive for historic preservation. 
  • HMP Dorchester | Photographic documentation following closure in 2013.
  • Brewers Quay, Weymouth | A photographic archive of the interior before refurbishment.
  • Baglake Farm, Litton Cheney | Historic accounts associated with the dwelling have been gathered and are not as they seem or have been historically reported.    

Contact us to find out more about this unique branch of our historical research.   

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