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This image my be subject to copyrightLegends & Folklore of Dorset

The ‘Legends & Folklore’ series are the latest additions from the house of Bradwell. These well-produced and handy booklets aim to seek out the countries quirks, legends, customs, superstitions, and spooky tales.

The Dorset edition is packed with information to satisfy the curious reader or avid folklorist. Its pocket size means that it can be easily packed in a bag or slipped into the jacket of any reader wanting to discover more about the pages within. The book talks of phantom dogs on Portland, witchery at Lyme Regis, the screaming skull of Bettiscombe, and the legends of Knowlton Church and the Cerne Giant.

The pages are well laid out and the information within is plentiful. 

Review by The Dorset Paranormal Research Team.

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