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Parallel Worlds by Josephine Sellers

Parallel Worlds is a publication written through the eyes and personal experiences of Josephine Sellers, who is an integrative/transpersonal counsellor & tutor with careers in the legal profession, art & craft movement, publishing and has also specialised for many years in equine-assisted psychotherapy.

Josephine says that she has experienced paranormal happenings in properties that she has lived throughout Dorset over a period of the last 45 years. These experiences have lead her to study and train in the realms of psychology to put them into some perspective.

In this book, Josephine takes us through the many chapters of her life with not only a very honest account of the ups and downs but of her own spiritual journey and how it guides and shapes her thoughts, decisions, and outcomes.

This is an enlightening read and is well recommended if you want to forget your own world for a while and step into someone else's.  

Review by The Dorset Paranormal Research Team.

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