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This image my be subject to copyrightThe World of the Unknown: All About Ghosts

Originally printed in 1977 by Usborne. This childhood favourite is truly back from the dead!

All About Ghosts in the World Of The Unknown series is often quoted as one of the most borrowed books from the library. By that statement alone it is hard to imagine how many of today's ghost researchers and those that became fascinated by hauntings must have been originally inspired by this book.

Screenwriter Laurence Rickard said: “I took this book out of my local library so many times they just gave it to me”.

Thousands petitioned on social media to get a reprint back in circulation. One involved in the campaign was BAFTA award winning actor Reece Shearsmith, who provides a forward in the new issue which is the only additional text to the original that so many have become nostalgic about.

You can read the full story about the resurrection of this classic here.

Page by page topics such as how to investigate ghosts are covered along with those familiar detailed animations that we know and love Usborne for.

Paranormal researcher David Goulden said: "Some grown up ghost researchers could learn a lot from this book! A whole new generation are going to be engaged in the world of ghosts once again".

Review by The Dorset Paranormal Research Team.

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