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Welcome, from the Dorset Paranormal Research Team

Based in Thomas Hardy's Wessex, we are a non-profit making team focused on the study of spontaneous anomalous phenomena and ghost research.

Investigation and Research in Dorset and the UK:

We are a traditional private investigation team engaged in the research and rational enquiry of paranormal claims in Dorset, and further afield. When working with a location it is our aim to conduct research in a professional manner and to look into reports from a balanced and logical point of view.

Get in touch via the contact page here if you would like to discuss a potential period of research. References available on request.  

Advisory Work and Paranormal Event Management with heritage organisations in Dorset:

It is our privilege to be working with local heritage attractions in an advisory and paranormal event management capacity. Our position is to protect the reputational heritage of these locations and to ensure that a good representation of the paranormal research field is upheld at public events.

Read more about our event management with Shire Hall Courthouse Museum here and Nothe Fort here, or get in touch via the contact page to discuss this unique strand of our work here.

Media Enquiries and Comment:

Over the years we have worked with local media organisations and made positive contributions to magazines, articles, and television & radio programmes.

Feel free to get in touch with any media enquiries via the contact page here

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