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Welcome to the Dorset Paranormal Research Team

Based in Thomas Hardy's Wessex, we are a non-profit making team focused on the study of spontaneous anomalous phenomena and ghost research, including...

  • Investigation, field study and rational enquiry into claims of the paranormal in Dorset and further afield.
  • Theories and explanations that surround such claims and looking into these reports of alleged paranormal phenomena from a balanced and logical point of view.
  • Advisory work with organisations that host paranormal events involving the public and ensuring that a good representation of the paranormal research field is upheld.
  • Media enquiries when interesting local cases come to light.

Contact us and we will be happy to assist with your enquiry. 


Covid-19 | Update 

Due to the recent concerns and advice from the UK Government regarding the further spread of Covid-19, we have taken the decision to cease all ground and field research pending further review.

As a team we value the health of ourselves and those at our research locations far to much to take any unnecessary risks.

We feel that we can best use this time of social distancing by getting our heads in the books and catching up on some good old fashioned psychical research journals.


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