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Advisory work at Nothe Fort, Weymouth

Nothe Fort is known as the "museum of coastal defense" and is the premier heritage attraction in the seaside town of Weymouth. The fort was ordered by former Prime Minister, Lord Palmerston in 1860 to protect the Dorset coast from foreign invasion. It was fully operational 12 years later in 1872.

Today the fort boasts growing visitor numbers year on year and an impressive school education programme run by a small team of staff and an army of volunteers.

2021 sees our seventh year of working in an advisory capacity with the fort. As well as conducting our own background research our role is to organize and manage visiting paranormal event teams.

It is important to us that a good representation of the field of paranormal research is upheld by the teams and that the location is being looked after during events. 

Email events@nothefort.org.uk to book a paranormal event at Nothe Fort.

Visit the paranormal section of the Nothe Fort website here

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